Where Art and Imagination Meet

Raven Thomas (founder and manager)

Originally christened Lydia Thomas, she grew up on a farm in Shelbyville, Kentucky and stayed busy by making pets of the local wildlife, creating things with her hands, reading late into the night, and talking everybody's ear off.  Her artist Muse manifested itself early on, but it wasn't until late teens when, mostly ignored, her Muse clobbered her over the head with something heavy to get her to wake up and smell the paint...or ink...or graphite.  From then on, and by her Muse's rather firm insistence, she started going by Raven.  Though it all began with art, her Muse also led her into the delightful fields of writing, music, and costuming.

These days Raven stays busy running two businesses (Seraph Sisters' Art for fun and her Mary Kay business to pay bills), writing several books (hopefully publishing the first by the end of the summer), taking care of various life forms including two Ball Pythons, practicing archery, and generally enjoying the heck out of life.

Raven specializes in designs: mostly logos, tattoos, borders, banners, etc., and she loves working with positive and negative space.  She especially enjoys anything involving Celtic designs, and prefers to work with graphite and ink, though is expanding into Copic markers.

Serenity Thomas (partner and resident art expert)

Growing up on the farm with Raven, Serena spent her days building hideouts, reading books, and playing dress up.  Usually lost in some fantasy world involving tea and cool costumes, she developed a love of art, historical costumes, and yummy food.  Drawing by six and taking commissions by sixteen, art became her passion and constant delight.  Following in her older sister's footsteps, she also became obsessed with making her fantasy worlds come to life by designing and creating historical and fantasy costumes.

While her Muse is not quite as violent as Raven's, it is just as demanding and temperamental (you'd think they were related or something).  Serena started going by Serenity about when Lydia started going by Raven, because Serenity is cooler and she was tired of being compared to Serena Williams.
Serenity currently attends Covenant College in Lookout Mt., Georgia, majoring in art and minoring in history.  She also works in the college theater department as a costumer and loves every minute of it.  Other than that she tries to remain sane by partaking in copious amounts of tea, books, her favorite TV shows, and best friends.

While Serenity enjoys art of all kinds, she specializes in portraits, both human and animal, fantasy illustration, book covers, and character sketches.  Her favorite medium is tied between graphite and charcoal, which will probably be pushed aside by watercolor and oil when she gets enough time to work more with them.